Battle Bus Bonanza

Welcome to the Battle Bus Bonanza!

A battle Royale for blood cancer patients and their families – take on your peers, nurses, doctors, The Sky Sport Breakers and Mai FM to see who is the ultimate champion.

The Breakers, Mai FM and LBC have all teamed up to bring you an all new exciting Fortnite event!

All 100 players will get a chance to squad up with their mates and follow one of our team captains which could be:

  • One of the Sky Sport Breakers!
  • A Black Sheep pro gamer!
  • A doctor or a nurse!
  • Esports commentators!
  • Or one of the other many guests!

All teams will battle it out over THREE full games of Fortnite to see who can show off their skills the best. Every game is going to be streamed LIVE on Twitch so all of your friends and family can see you on the big screen.

Spot prizes supplied by Sky Sports Breakers will be given out over the games to not just the winners but to teams showing off in different ways too!

So squad up, get that seatbelt clicking and get ready to thank the bus driver because the Battle Bus will pick you up on the 11th July!

To join

Email for the link and password for the match.


Next Steps

1. Ensure you have the OCE server selected

2. Navigate to the “Choose Game Mode” screen at the bottom right

3. Select the “Custom Match” button located at the bottom right of the screen

4. Enter the password for the match (announced on the day) Note: password is case sensitive

5. Select “Play” and wait for the match to begin Once you complete these steps it will look like you are queueing for a game like you normally do but this time when you join it will be in the custom match in stead of matchmaking.

You can find the official Fortnite guide here (scroll down to joining a game):



What if I don’t know how to play or I’m not very good?
Even though it is fun to get the victory royale, you can still have fun even if you don’t finish first. Lots of teams will be new and you’ll have a team captain to help you out too.

I’m having trouble joining the game, what do I do?
First double check that you’ve done everything in the #how-to-join channel. After that you ask your team captain for help and if that doesn’t work then use the #help to tag an @admin to come to your rescue.

My team is out really early, when do we play the next game?
Once your team is eliminated you can spectate the rest of the game until it’s finished just like in the normal game. The next game won’t start until we have a winner so make sure you’re ready when it’s over!

How do I win prizes? Do I have to win the game?
Team that finish first will win prizes but they won’t be the only ones. Other prizes can be won for things like hiding well or showing off your driving skills on a vehicle.