As you may be aware due to the recent Covid outbreak, we have had to move our forum into a virtual format.

We will be running the Forum in line with the original programme with each talk on Zoom.

Download a copy of our programme here. Blood Cancer Patient Forum 2021 Online

Speaker and topics can be found here

Instructions for Zoom

You will need to click on the name of the session or the room name in order to join. Please note that throughout the day you may need to leave each session after it’s finished, return to the programme and click on the following session you wish to join.


We will also be recording all the sessions except those indicated by a *, so you will have the opportunity to tune in live with Q&A, or catch up on a session that we will have recorded and will be rolling out during the month of September as part of our Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Welcome Event

On Friday 3rd September at 5 pm we will hold our welcome event, ‘Cancer – a user’s guide’, with David Downs who will be joined by members of LBC’s Consumer Advisory Board.

This will be streamed live on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, please see links below:



Event App

This year we had planned to have a forum app for all our delegates. This app is still available, free to download at your mobile phones app store. Instructions on how to download this app are here. This is an easy way to connect to all the sessions you wish to attend and also discuss the topics with other delegates and LBC staff.