$604m uplift, response

24 June 2024 -

We are pleased to see the Government’s announcement of $604 million in increased funding for Pharmac over four years, which also acknowledged commitments to blood cancer patients.

Alongside the initial 13 solid tumour oncology medicines promised, today’s Pharmac uplift will fund an additional 13 oncology medicines, including for blood cancer.
However, it remains unclear how many blood cancer medicines are within the additional 13 and how they compare to those with significant clinical benefit funded in Australia but not in New Zealand. These blood cancer medicines with the greatest clinical benefit will be detailed in the Cancer Control Agency’s report due this week.
We are seeking confirmation from the Minister of Health, Pharmac, and the Cancer Control Agency that the blood cancer medicines to be funded by today’s announcement were informed by this imminent report.
We have spoken with the Minister of Health today to seek this clarification and will progress this discussion with him on behalf of patients.