Blood cancer and your job

9 June 2020 -

LBC has a series of handy online resources to help people understand and negotiate their rights for medical leave at work.

People living with cancer who are employed may need additional time off for specialist appointments, treatment and recovery. The good news is help is at hand. New Zealand legislation gives patients flexibility and options for requesting time off due to an illness like cancer.

Get tips on how to communicate this sensitive topic at work. Find out about your leave entitlements, government support, flexible working arrangements, whether you have to disclose your medical history, medical retirement and much more. There is even a guide for employers.

These courageous conversations with your employer should be positive and collaborative. In most cases, your employer will be supportive. However, if you feel you have been treated unfairly and need extra help to navigate this issue, call LBC for advice.

A big thank you to Naomi McRae, a Human Resources Specialist at PwC, who helped create these resources. LBC supported Naomi on her cancer journey, and we’re happy to hear she’s been in remission for over eight years.

“When I got diagnosed with blood cancer, I thought, what does it mean for my career? My employers were understanding, and together we came up with a plan to manage my involvement at work. I realise not everyone is as fortunate. I worked alongside a lawyer and used my knowledge as an HR specialist to develop a resource to help LBC patients with cancer-related employment issues,” says Naomi.

Go online here to find resources:

Topics include:

  • Employment rights fact sheet
  • Flexible working entitlements
  • Government support
  • Medical retirement
  • Returning to work
  • Conversations with your employer
  • A guide for employers