Monkey in My Chair

5 April 2019 -

Monkey in my Chair is an innovative programme designed to keep young leukaemia and blood cancer patients connected to their classmates while they undergo treatment, and is available to LBC families in New Zealand.

When a child is diagnosed with blood cancer or a blood condition, treatment often starts right away and this can lead to absences from school which can be unsettling for the patient, their classmates and teacher.

The Monkey in My Chair programme has proven to be a very successful therapeutic resource overseas and in New Zealand, and helps to keep young patients, teachers and classmates connected in a really positive, supportive and compassionate way.

When a young person is away from school, the bigger of the two monkeys sits in the student’s chair, while the smaller monkey keeps the patient company while they are missing their friends at school.

Classmates are encouraged to include the big monkey in lessons and send messages and news to their friend using Monkey’s bright yellow backpack. LBC’s support services staff work with a patient’s parents and school to use the kits in a way which is easy, fun and helpful for everyone involved.

Each Monkey in My Chair kit comes with two adorable fluffy monkeys plus a range of educational books, teacher guides and LBC resources.

Each Monkey in My Chair kit costs $100. Click here to make a donation today and give the gift of a Monkey in my Chair for a child.