[This] is Blood Cancer Awareness Month


You would be hard-pressed to find someone today untouched by cancer in one form or another. While some types of cancer tend to be outwardly visible, blood cancer patients know that their journey is different.

Cutting blood cancer out of your body, like a tumour, is not an option. It is an invisible disease for the most part and brings a range of vague symptoms that can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. This causes frustration and confusion when patients are advocating for themselves with their healthcare professionals.

Sadly, the hurdles do not disappear once a diagnosis is confirmed. After their hair grows back, the assumption is that a patient is cured. Many people reading this will know that struggle all too well. In some instances, the diagnosis of a blood cancer or blood condition is a lifelong journey. How do you explain to your family and whanau that the “battle” you face is ongoing?

On top of these specific challenges, our patients are still coming to grips with, and navigating, life with cancer. Wrapping your head around all of these touchpoints can be exhausting and seem impossible.

That is why spreading awareness and advocating for Kiwis living with a blood cancer or serious blood condition is crucial.

Global Message

We need your help to raise the profile of blood cancers. By raising the profile collectively, across the globe, we can show just how important knowledge is.

What do you know about blood cancer?

We went out onto the streets in different cities around the world to see what people knew about blood cancer. The results will surprise you.

Important dates

  • Blood Cancer Awareness Month – September
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – September
  • Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge (lit up red) – 4 – 7 September
  • World CLL Day – 1 September
  • World Leukaemia Day – 4 September
  • Cancer Rehab Week – 18 – 24 September
  • International MPN Awareness Day – 9 September
  • World Lymphoma Awareness Day – 15 September
  • International CML Awareness Day – 22 September
  • World Cancer Research Day – 24 September


Help us take the blood cancer conversation global

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