World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) is on Friday 15 September and Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand is taking part in a global campaign to drive awareness, education and information about these diseases. LBC is a member of the international Lymphoma Coalition which aims to raise awareness about lymphoma.

Lymphoma is increasing in incidence globally; an increase which is reflected in New Zealand where:

  • Lymphoma is the sixth most common cancer in New Zealand
  • Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in 15-24 year olds
  • Close to 900 people in New Zealand are diagnosed with lymphoma every year
  • Lymphoma is more common than leukaemia

The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘The Small Things Make the Biggest Difference’. For health professionals, this may mean taking the time to explain the lymphoma subtype and the appropriate treatment methods. For family and friends, it can mean taking the time to make a meal or attend an appointment – these small things can make the biggest difference.

This week we will be sharing patient stories on social media including their take on what ‘small things’ made a difference in their daily life, their patient experience or clinic time. Our Support Services team will also be putting up displays in their local hospitals and clinics around the country.

How you can help:
  • Share your small thing – was there something or someone that made the biggest difference to you in your daily life, your patient experience or your clinic time? Post a photo or video sharing your ‘Small Things’ on Facebook or Instagram on 15 September. Remember to include #EverythingChanges and #WLAD and tag @lbcnz and @knowyournodes
  • Share social media posts from Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’s channels making sure you include the campaign hashtags – you can find us on Facebook at, or Twitter and Instagram at @lbcnz.

For more information head to our resources page.