World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) is on Thursday 15 September.

WLAD is an international effort to raise much-needed awareness about lymphoma. Lymphoma is increasing in incidence globally; an increase which is reflected in New Zealand where:

  • Lymphoma is the sixth most common cancer in New Zealand
  • Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in 15-24 year olds
  • Close to 900 people in New Zealand are diagnosed with lymphoma every year
  • Lymphoma is more common than leukaemia

LBC is a member of the international Lymphoma Coalition which aims to raise awareness about lymphoma.

World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2016 #KnowYourSubtype

Did you know that lymphoma has more than 60 subtypes and that treatments and outcomes vary hugely?

This year on World Lymphoma Awareness Day, we’re joining the Lymphoma Coalition in encouraging patients, caregivers, the healthcare community and the general public to insist on subtype-identification when talking about lymphoma.

The LBC Support Services team will be visiting hospitals around the country to share information about lymphoma with health-professionals and patients.

We’ll also be sharing patient stories and information about lymphoma on social media, including tips for recognising the signs and symptoms of blood cancer.

World Lymphoma Awareness Day display at Christchurch Hospital
World Lymphoma Awareness Day display at Christchurch Hospital
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