Supergenerous lets you donate your tax refund from any donations to Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC), in one easy step. If you are an individual New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation of $5 or more that you’ve made to LBC.

It’s important to note that after joining Supergenerous, LBC has no access to your tax, financial or personal information you submit on their site.

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How it works

Essentially, in this example, for every $100 you have donated (or will donate) to us, we will receive another $33 at the end of the first year. What’s more, this $33 is considered a further gift of money, meaning that around $11 is claimable the following year and so on!

After three years, your initial $100 donation would be worth $148.14! That extra $48.14 – at no cost to you – will make a difference to Kiwis living with blood cancer or a serious blood condition.

Right now, we know there are more people out there needing our services, and every dollar we raise will help us to reach them. It also helps our continued investment to search for a cure.

Want to help a little more - historical tax credits

Here’s how you can help even further: if you haven’t claimed your tax credit on donations to LBC in the past four years (from 1st April 2018), simply tick the box on the form (link below) regarding the past four years’ donations and the team at Supergenerous will claim them as a further gift to us. By adding this, you really are using a powerful way to help put those unclaimed credits to good use.

Next step… opt in

To opt into Supergenerous to gift your tax credits on donations to us for this tax year and going forward, simply click on the link below, fill in a few details, and let the experts at Supergenerous sort the rest out with Inland Revenue.

There is no cost to you to use the service, and only takes around one minute to complete the form. Before you begin, you will need your IRD number. Please note that you will not be able to claim this tax credit for yourself once you have signed up.

We pay a small fee to Supergenerous to do this for you on our behalf.

So please take a minute to click the link below now, and make your gift keep on giving. You can also visit Supergenerous’s website for more information

Thank you for taking up this opportunity – together we can continue to improve the lives of patients and families living with blood cancer.

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