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Patient Stories


Diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome

“That was when it started to take off, full steam ahead.”

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Diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma

“The support LBC gives to people is incredible… It helps people who are going through the journey to not feel so alone.”

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Diagnosed with follicular lymphoma

“I said to the haematologist, ‘OK, can we start this afternoon?’ and she smiled and said, ‘Er, no, not this afternoon but we won’t be slow about this.’"

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Diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma

"We had a fair idea of what it could be... we were just hoping it wasn't."

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Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia

“All I want to do is be a dad. But I’m in here for four or five weeks at a time.”

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The latest news and publications from Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

Monday 24 June, 2024

$604m uplift, response

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Thursday 30 May, 2024

A Significant Setback for Cancer Patients: Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’s Response to the Budget

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Tuesday 30 April, 2024

Innovation through research

"That’s what I love about this project – I can see the direct impact it’s going to have on people."

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