Blood cancer and your job

A blood cancer diagnosis can lead to many questions about work – How do I tell my employer? Do I have to disclose my illness? Should I tell my co-workers?

Whether you are planning on continuing to work during cancer treatment, are returning to work once treatment is complete, or you have to stop work completely, information in this section can help you know what your options are and how to plan for your conversations.

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand would like to thank our partners PwC for their support and guidance in putting together this information for patients and their families.

Please note:  The information on these pages and in the documents contained within is to be used as a guide only and not as formal legal employment advice. Terms may vary by your Individual Employment Agreement.

Watch our video for advice on conversations with your employer

Naomi McRae is an HR specialist at PwC New Zealand and a blood cancer survivor.

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