Flexible working entitlements

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed, it’s possible you may want to reduce your hours or consider working more flexibly.

Your employer will need to be kept informed of your plans. You are under no obligation to disclose your medical history/diagnosis to your employer, but you are obligated to keep your employer informed about where, when and how you’re working.  It’s important to have a conversation with your employer as quickly as possible. Chances are, you may be able to come to an informal short-term arrangement until more information about your diagnosis and treatment plan becomes available.

For longer-term arrangements, as an employee, you have a right to request a Flexible Working Arrangement.

Download our guide to Flexible Working Entitlements

What do I need to do to submit a formal Flexible Work Agreement (FWA)?

As per Section 6AA of the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2007, all employees in New Zealand have a right to request a Flexible Working Arrangement, and all employers have a duty to consider this request.  The request must be in writing, e.g. by letter, email or by completing a form which can be downloaded.

We recommend that you:

  • Plan in advance before making a request.
  • Submit your request to your employer as soon as you are sure of what you want.
  • Keep a copy of the request and note when you have sent it to your employer; and
  • Remember, the clearer the request the better. It’s up to you to explain the working arrangement that you want and how it can be made to work for both employee and employer.

The employer must reply within a reasonable time period of one month after reception of notice.