Changing Times

19 May 2020 -

Peter Fergusson, Chief Executive

These days I’m often reminded of the John Lennon quote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

I know many of you will have experienced the uncertainty and stress that unexpected life events can bring, perhaps through your own, or a loved one’s cancer journey – or because of other life challenges.

It was obvious when the first reports started to come in of a novel Coronavirus taking hold across the globe that life would be changing radically for many of us and that blood cancer patients would be particularly vulnerable to the infection.

We knew that we would need to change our plans, increase the help we give to patients, and adjust the way we deliver support to ensure patients, families, and staff are kept safe.

In addition, the fundraising events we rely on for income to run essential support services would be postponed indefinitely – leaving a substantial hole in our budget.

As a designated Essential Service, the team here at LBC has been working round-the-clock through all levels of lockdown to change the way we do things and maximise the care, support, and practical help we give – especially to those who are most isolated and alone. Just a few examples of this work are:

  • Increasing the help we give to the most vulnerable patients by keeping in close contact by phone, text, and online.
  • Providing emergency financial support to people who are struggling with the basics like nutritious food, help with transport to treatments, and parking costs at hospital.
  • Stepping in and organising deliveries of groceries and essentials to the most vulnerable patients.
  • Providing online support groups and live Q & A sessions for patients and families with haematologists, pharmacists, and other health specialists.

Maintaining this support comes at a financial cost, and we are doing all we can to ensure it can continue – because as we all know, virus or no virus, cancer will not rest.

With this in mind, if you are in a position to donate, and would like to do so, I would ask that you please complete and return the enclosed form or donate via our website at

Any donation of any size is especially appreciated in these difficult times, every dollar makes a difference and will be put to immediate work ensuring our patient services and blood cancer research continues.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Stay well,

Peter Fergusson, Chief Executive


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