Supporting future clinicians

22 July 2022 -

2021 Summer Studentship recipient Ee Jin Goh is originally from Singapore and she studies medicine at The University of Auckland.

What is the LBC Summer Studentship?
It’s a grant for students involved in current haematology research. I applied for it after I heard about the KIWI Trial.

What is the ‘KIWI Trial’?
It’s a study to analyse the effectiveness of a chemotherapy drug called Kryprolis (Carfilzomib) for newly diagnosed and transplant-eligible multiple myeloma patients.

What was your role?
I helped make it easier to accurately analyse our results by cleaning up the raw data collected, and keying it into a system that tracks patients.

Do you think this study might influence future funding of Kryprolis in New Zealand?
I do, it’s very promising as we know it induces remission early in patients. I’m interested to see the Trial with DNA PCR results, as that one may solidify what comes out of this report.

What did you get out of the grant?
I was really grateful for this opportunity. Not only did it add to my skillset as a future clinician, but having that behind-the-scenes picture of what haematology looks like and seeing real results translated into patient medicine, was pretty cool.