Kids’ Zone

Blood cancer doesn’t only touch adults; it also affects children of all ages, who will have their own support needs. That’s where LBC’s Kids’ Zone comes in.

LBC offers a range of services and programmes to support our paediatric patients, their siblings, and the children of patients.

☆ Kids’ Club Online


This virtual online club is for any children who can’t take part in Kids’ Club face to face workshop sessions in the main centres.

☆ Kids’ Club

A special club to support children affected by a family member’s blood cancer. Kids will take part in workshops facilitated by play therapists and psychologists who will help them talk about their feelings, learn about cancer treatments, and meet other kids going through the same journey.

☆ Super Kids’ Club


Super kids who are dealing with their own blood cancer diagnosis need super support! In this club for children aged between 5 to 12, kids will take part in online workshops run by professional therapists to help them understand what they’re going through, how they feel and meet other kids with blood cancer.

☆ Monkey in My Chair

This innovative programme supports and connects young cancer patients undergoing treatment and their classmates, in a fun and comfortable way – using cute stuffed monkeys!

☆ Battle Bus Bonanza

The aim of this exciting project is to connect and empower young cancer patients, many of whom are spending long periods in isolation, with their families, friends and the LBC Support team through fun video game tournaments!


☆ Children’s books

Joe Has Leukaemia Kids Book

LBC produces a number of disease-specific information booklets including picture books for children.