Battle Bus Bonanza

Battling with blood cancer doesn’t have to be lonely

One of the hardest challenges that children dealing with blood cancer can face are feelings of isolation and loneliness throughout treatment. This is especially intense for immunocompromised kids who may need to be isolated.

Connecting with cancer patients on multiplayer mode

Battle Bus Bonanza empowers young cancer patients and their families through the fun of video game tournaments! Players include doctors, nurses and e-sport pros alongside patients and their families.

The impact it makes

Having to isolate means that children in the same hospital cannot spend time together. But, with Battle Bus Bonanza, they can overcome this distance and make friends with each other through the game.

How it works

Hosted from the Breakers e-sport dojo in Auckland, doctors from Starship Hospital, the Christchurch Children’s Haematology Oncology Centre, along with nurses, siblings, parents, and patients will be joined by Breakers players and professional e-sport stars to battle in the three-game tournament.

The tournament is live-streamed on Twitch for friends and family to watch. There’s also a huge range of prizes up for grabs from LBC’s generous sponsors.

More info

For more details, please contact Tim Maifeleni