World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Join Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand as we celebrate World Lymphoma Awareness Day on 15 September. As a member of Lymphoma Coalition, every year we join patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others concerned and affected by lymphoma in 50 countries around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

This World Lymphoma Awareness Day join the global lymphoma community to say We Can’t Wait to put an end to the unintended consequences the pandemic has had on the lymphoma community.

Around the world, people have faced reduced access to care, treatment and support. As well, due to a lack of access to medical professionals and hesitancy in seeking medical attention when experiencing symptoms, there have been fewer diagnoses and more advanced cancer are expected.

  • We can’t wait to diagnose and treat lymphomas. Decisions were made to support healthcare systems that affected patients, but the time has come to resume standard treatment practices safely.
  •  We can’t wait to support people living with lymphomas. If you can, please volunteer or support your local organisation – we need your help.